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Brett Creamer

Brett Creamer is a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer based in the cornfields of Evansville, Indiana.

Trained as a classical portrait artist, pastels were his jam. That got him into his first design job as a paste up artist, where he traded his pastels for an X-ACTO knife and graphic tape. (I know, I know, but it wasn’t a rock and chisel.) Then one fateful day, the heavens opened up as he was introduced to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. He never looked back! (My condolences to Mr. X-ACTO.) Although the world of design has changed a lot since then, starting on the ground floor of this business has given him unique insight and understanding that can’t be taught in the classroom. There’s no school like the old school.

In his twenty years of experience, he has achieved the roles of Graphic Designer, Art Director and Creative Director. His unique combination of traditional and technical training has been utilized in a wide variety of fields, including: advertising and web design firms, magazine and news outlets, the nuclear industry, governmental agencies, technology companies, manufacturing industries, medical facilities, Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. He made them all look good. He has created logos, advertising and marketing materials, websites, videos, catalogs, packaging artwork, illustrations, custom photography and trade show artwork. He enjoys getting his hands dirty and learning new ways to be creative.  

He isn’t one to brag, but here are some random professional accomplishments:

  1. He created the website for the E.P.A. (yea, THE Environmental Protection Agency) and all its affiliated organizations. 
  2. He created the website for DARPA (yea, THE Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – you know, the people who invented the internet). 
  3. He created other public and secure websites for government agencies such as U.S. Army and Maritime Administration. 
  4. He created the trial exhibits used in a personal injury case which settled for over $14,000,000. 
  5. He designed marketing collateral that helped raise the subscriber base from 150,000 to 550,000 users for Fortune 500 Sales engagements, as well as generated $350,000 in revenue from First Union Bank. 
  6. He was the sole designer, writer, editor, and photographer for Trade Winds Magazine with a circulation over 100,000 readers. 
  7. He initiated a cost effective way for a large church to print their materials, saving over $50,000 annually.
Feel free to jump around the site, and reach out if you want him to help you turn your design concept into reality.

Client List

 McNeil Pharmaceuticals
Merck Pharmaceuticals
Maritime Administration
Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale
Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg
RiverWind Baptist Church
The City of Pompano Beach
Cable in the Classroom
Simply Beautiful Smiles
Public Service Electric & Gas
The Philly Business Journal
The Courier-Post Newspaper
The Georgetowner Magazine
Physical Security Specialists
Barrington Police Department
Comal County Constables Office
Physical Security Specialists
The United Way
The Red Cross
Marathon Medals
Tetra Tech
Maden Tech
RECO Constructors
Ballia Furniture Numistrust
AFCO Racing

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